Kemi Art Museum is the oldest of its kind in Northern Finland and one of the 16 designated regional art museums in the country. Founded in 1947, the museum has from its beginning opened up windows on Northern Finnish art and enabled its accessibility & visibility to the public. The focus of exhibitions is on contemporary art from Lapland. Besides introducing and documenting visual arts thereof, the museum arranges regularly exhibitions that reach farther in domestically or out overseas, as well as different lectures, events, art workshops and guided tours.

The art museum handles about 6 or 7 exhibitions a year in a well-lit, lucid and wide-open, voluminous space designed by architect Sebastian Savander. Besides hosting exhibitions, the museum provides a memorable venue for different festive and cultural events.

Visitors to the museum are served by the museum store, in which art posters, books, postcards and unique novelty items, such as local handicrafts, are sold.

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